The Learning Experience

Our Beliefs

We want to enable our children to learn at their own pace. This is why our classrooms maintain a high teacher to student ratio, ensuring that each individual is provided with the care and attention they need.

To allow each child to discover themselves, our classrooms are equipped wide array of specialists in physical, occupational, speech, music, and art therapy. We take every effort to ensure that our children feel safe in the classroom, creating a warm and homelike atmosphere in which the feel comfortable to grow.

At the core of every SCHI educator’s heart is a passion; a passion to see their students succeed, to see them grow, to help them reach every goal that has been set for them, and to enable them to discover their hidden potential. This requires a special kind of dedication and skill. All of our educators are specially trained to provide their students with the knowledge, support, and confidence they need to succeed.

Open and consistent communication is a key step in creating in creating the perfect learning environment for every child. This is why ensure our educators and parents remain in constant communication through daily messages, parent teacher conferences, progress reports and phone conversations. Transparency is crucial when it comes our children’s growth.

Academic Program:

Every child is unique in how they learn. SCHI’s goal is to create and adapt the perfect program for each and every student. Some of the many programs already implemented at SCHI are the Stevenson Reading Program with the Touch Phonics Program, the Achieve Language Program, Beginning to Read, Write and Listen, Reading Milestones, the Silver Bernett Ginn Reading Series, the Focus Reading Program, Explode the Code. To this day, SCHI persists in furthering and updating our list of programs as we continue to discover and develop new learning strategies.

Our math program utilizes many different approaches for each student. Including teacher-made materials, The Semple Math Program, The Addison Wesley Math Series and a wide variety of math manipulatives and number readiness programs.

Autistic children at SCHI benefit from a combination of programs and services. The ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) approach, a one-on-one discrete trial teaching method, issued along with Sensory Integration Techniques.

Students with language delays or hearing impairments communicate and are taught with the assistance of sign language, the PECS Program (Picture Exchange Communication System) and augmentative communication devices to facilitate functional communication skills.

Through S.K.I.P. (Special Kids Integration Program), SCHI students become a part of their community. By enabling our students to visit classrooms and playgroups in the community and having other children from the community visit them, we allow a very special bond to form. These children learn about and become more comfortable with each other, and lasting friendships created. This is an essential step in helping our children feel safe in becoming active and productive members of their community. Our pre-vocational program furthers this cause by coaching each of our young adults in finding the most fulfilling job for them and preparing them for the outside world.

Learning Opportunities:

To allow every child to discover what they are passionate about, SCHI offers a wide range of hands-on learning experiences. State-of-the-art computer instruction, aquatic therapy and pre-vocational training are just some of the many programs we provide to help our students discover themselves. We will always form a student’s lesson plans based on their individual situation. For example, if they are employed or live independently.

At SCHI, we provide our students with daily real-world experiences. By allowing students to apply what they’ve learned in a practical real-world scenario, such as visits to a local department store, library, or post office, these lessons are transformed into inherent life skills. Reinforcing proper self-care and social skills, provides students with the skills they need to live their lives to the absolute fullest.

During the summer, we offer an extended school year program organized by SCHI to ensure that the summer months will be an extension of the school year’s educational program and services. Reinforcement of learned skills, and carefully planned, exciting educational experiences enhance the summer days and create memories for the children that they will cherish.

SCHI Disability Services (SDS)
345 Oak Street Lakewood, NJ 0870
(732) 886-0900, x 1620

SCHI Disability Services (SDS) is a New Jersey nonprofit organization incorporated in December 2009.  The organization provides services to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Board of Directors:
Mr. Ben Weber / President
Dr. Neal Gittleman / Vice President
Mrs. Renee Ungar / Board Member / Secretary
Mr. Arthur K. Lachman, CPA / Board Member

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